Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's a good day!

I have to start by saying that today I am having a great day! No work this morning so I got to sleep in and bring my two year old daughter to her playgroup. She was delighted to have her mummy in with her today. I found time to drop into a new afternoon playschool that an old school friend of mine set up in the old Protestant Church and watch the kids at storytime. Hopefully there will be a place for my little one come September. She is bursting to join this group. Then I had a leisurely drive to work (not the usual two hour wait in rush hour traffic) and even had time to stop for a picnic lunch by the Papal Cross in the Phoenix Park.

I even found time to do a bit of vintage shopping before starting into an afternoon of work (where at the moment I actually seem to be on top of things). Check out the new additions...

I'm wearing the second top right now and I have had loads of compliments on it! The last one is my favorite. A little weight loss and it will look even better on...there's my incentive for this week's good girl diet.
Tommrows primise...I will put some of my wardrobe clearance items on ebay before I buy anything else...

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